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Immobilien Anker
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Property Consultancy, Lettings & Sales
Have you invested in property, received an inheritance or are you planning to move into a new home of your own?
Are you wondering whether you should let out or sell your property?


We specialise in the letting and sale of residential property. We are here to offer you comprehensive advice on all the possible letting and selling options as well as on any financial and tax-related queries that may arise.

Letting a property presents a number of advantages. Regular income, a solid investment or the diversification of your portfolio are all good reasons for deciding to let your property. We always recommend a calculating the expenses carefully so that your property still provides attractive returns, even after deducting reserves for renovations.


How we can help with lettings

  • Market observation and recommendations for setting rents

  • Advertising the property in online and print media

  • Evaluation of the ideal tenant and conclusion of the tenancy agreement

  • Amendments to contracts in the event of rent adjustments

  • Transfer of property with certificate of acceptance

  • Acting as point of contact for the tenant in the event of damage and repairs

  • Preparation of annual heating and utility bills as well as collection of payments

  • Completing the formalities upon termination of contract

Selling your property is an important decision and not one you make every day. People generally underestimate the expense involved, and property owners often lack the emotional distance needed to set a sale price in line with the market. We monitor and understand developments in the property market. We identify realistic sales prices to make sure that you get the best deal. We would love to advise you in our role as objective estate agents.


How we can help with the sale process

  • Advice on setting a sale price in line with the market

  • Preparation of attractive and clear sale documentation

  • Advertising and marketing in appropriate online and print media

  • Compilation of a complete property dossier

  • Carrying out viewings with interested parties

  • Contract negotiations and correspondence with potential buyers

  • Organisation of notarised property transfer

  • Preparation of property gains tax

Downloads (in German)

Tipps für Ihren Immobilien-Verkauf

Tipps für die Immobilien-Vermietung

Checkliste für alle Unterlagen zum Immobilien-Verkauf


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